I Did

I smoked for close to a decade. My parents strongly disapproved, but once I moved out of their house they couldn't say much.  Sure, I smelled like an ashtray...but at least I took my butt (and butts) outside for my smoke breaks.

*embarrassed look*  So at one point I had (mostly) convinced my mom that I'd quit.  She said great, 'cause we're going to visit your grandmother and stay for a week.  Grandma lived a state and a half away. 

And she had the keenest nose for BS of anyone I've ever known.

Whatever lies and half-truths I fed my parents, Grandma would find the truth...and probably take the starch out of me for trying to lie.  No way was I gonna be able to creep down her squeaky back steps to sneak a few puffs.  I also knew I'd never survive a whole week in nicotine withdrawal at her house. 

So I quit. 

Good thing too, 'cause the TSA found and confiscated my last lighter when I went through security!
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Jul 9, 2012