I Did It My Way.

I never drank or took drugs but i did smoke. I smoked for about 20 years I tried giving up but that didn't help i was back smoking even more. It was September 2004 I was smoking outside my work place suddenly it didn't taste nice I thought I was about to throw up. As that was the last cigerate in  my packet I didn't buy any more and that was the last time i smoked. What a relief my health is much better and i visit the gym 3-4 times a week. 

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to kublakhan: hey buddy if you're dumb enough to believe that, then HELL i'm the president hand over your money!! LOL <br />
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Glad to hear a successful quit smoking story, you never really hear something as strange as yours but you're not smoking so thats good! Remember to hydrate water the night before you workout, I dont and sometimes i get dizzy =S<br />
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Take care!

As my doctor said if you do not drink smoke or have sex you will not live any longer it will just seem like it

Good for you! Congratulations on quitting for good!