Can't Drink and Don't Smoke Anything By Choice

I can't drink alcohol unless it has been cooked very thoroughly. This is because I am half East-Asian and some East-Asians are missing the enzyme needed to digest alcohol. Due to being unable to digest it properly I only experience the following from drinking it: the feeling I am going to burn up and/or explode; the feeling I will pass out; severe headaches; nausea. I don't get the same 'buzz' from alcohol that other people do, either. So, there is nothing to be gained from me drinking alcohol! People have ostracised me because of it, but I am definitely better off without people who will reject me for a genetic 'problem' I cannot change. (I say 'problem' because that is how some people see it.)

As for smoking, I value my health and I refuse to partake in something that I know can damage me, or something that I don't know enough about (e.g. illegal drugs). I'm also not keen on the idea of being unable to prevent my body and mind from becoming addicted to a subtance. I like to be in control of what I am doing and to know what is going on around me. I don't care if someone chooses to smoke tobacco or something else, as long as they aren't going to force me into doing it too. I won't harass you to stop if you don't harass me to start.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

Good for you Papaya!! Who cares what other people think!