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I smoke because I want to! I don't smoke to look cool...I'm not even sure who it would look cool to since most guys say a woman who smokes is a turn off! If anything while I'm in public I try to avoid smoking or hide when doing so! I'll only smoke around people who smoke and have no judgements about it!
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It's ok...I smoked since 15....

If you are a smoker don't let social mores put you off. Perhaps it would have been better had we never strted but it is a pleasure we enjoy. What of cocain users, or they vilified the same or heroin users, no they seem to get all the support they can be given. I mean I have never smoked at a dinner table, that is plain rude but the way some people go on. You can do just as well or better without them.

Aww thanks lastminute that was very nice to hear! & interesting thanks sadteenager!

im 14 and i could care less if a girl smokes i taught my self how to smoke for several purposes and it wouldent turn me of if my girlfriend smoked its not a problem to me but if your smoking around a guy try to keep the smoke away from him if he isint a smoker that will **** him off very quick

two things.<br />
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a woman who smokes is a HUGE turn-on. The idea of having a cool, funny, quick conversation with a woman while we're both smoking, and looking at the cigarette dangling between her fingers and between her lips.... very sexy. <br />
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people who smoke to look cool are losers. I am the solitary smoker. I'll smoke in a place where no one'll look at me, and it will be dark, depressing and raining... and I'll smoke, looking at the cold seep inside me. I smoke for smoking. You should, too.