I Dont

Nope i don't sparkle...

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
14 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I will get you back 1000 time over.

Yes it would, come one........when you come over here, Im gonna throw it over you like confetti


awww that's cute, but glitter would be cuter!

I dunno what someone would find endearing about myself.

do you know what you have done to me already? Go to google images and type in arorin... You did that to me!

It'll be cute

Why do you want me to be sparkly like?

Cos you'd be all sparkly like

-_- why would it be cool?

Why not? I think that would be cool

No i would have to do worse...

Well you aren't going to pour glitter all over me.

If I poured glitter all over you, you would!