Y I Dnt Tlk 2 Him

Ever since i was little i could only remember him cumin in drunk, e neva cared bwt me it was my sister tht he cared bwt even thow i am is oly blood child so eniways me mum chucked im owt n we didnt c im 4 bwt 8yrs until sum1 tried killin me mum n e fort e wuld b her night in shining armer! unfortunatly sh fel 4 it and allowed im 2 move in wiv us.  however sh chucked im out afta 6munfs coz e wasnt elpin e was jst a **** head and stil is!! eniways last june i ad an argument wiv im an e tld me 2 go kill myself as he wished i was never born  and thn e started ringin my mums, sisters, mine and th owse fown sayin e gunna kill my mum *crys*  th fing is i av seen tht appen b4 as i was ther when my bruvas dad tried 2 kil her and it was awful~its sumt tht evri1 as got over except me.


sori if it dunt make sence 2 eni1 i jst needed 2 get it out in th open 4 once.

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Feb 27, 2009