My Sister Is Selfish and Self-centered

Recently, after purchasing a house together and going into debt, mys sister moved out leaving me with all the debt.  My family thinks I'm being mean for not talking to her, but I also found out she's been doing quite a lot of underhanded things behind my back.  I'm extremely angry about it and I haven't talked to my sister for 2 years and barely speak to my parents because of her.
Zvezda Zvezda
41-45, F
2 Responses May 4, 2007

You did the right thing! I have just like yours and she can kiss my arse. Who needs that anyway, from anyone? NOBODY. Just as well and farewell! No love lost.Besides, they'll do it again if given a chance.

"good on you",! for taking a stand and not tolerating any"crap",<br />
because bif we don't they just "keep on doing it", it's taken me a long time to finally say "no"!!! and people don't like it!! (2 bad for them)!!<br />
From Feflower in Nz