I Miss Her Sometimes But Then I Remembered What She Said

So my little sister and I don't talk. It's been about thirteen months since we got into a huge fight over religion. Pretty much someone at work quoted something from the bible wrong and it was funny. K put a status up on fb and my little sis took offense. It started this huge argument where my little sis attacked K. Calling her all sorts of cruel names. Both K and I tried explaining to her that it was all just a misunderstanding.

But instead of being a mature adult she started calling K a cow, fat a$$ things like that for example. I jumped to her defense because you DO NOT talk to my partner that way. If she didn't live in England I would have gladly kicked her a$$. Because more importantly that not talking to my partner that way. You DO NOT f*ucking make her cry.

The worst part was my sis decided to get my brother involved. I get up to to K being upset the next morning and telling me I was going to be pissed when I looked at fb. Sure enough I was. He had posted a pic of a bigger girl and they made comments about it referring to K's size. So she is heavy. Who the hell cares?!?!?! I loved her for who she was when I met her, and I love her for who she is now. So my brother and I got in a fight all because my sis was and is immature.

It gets better after my brother she ran to our older sis and got her involved. My older sis said she didn't want the drama or to get involved but asked me what happened. When I told her she was like oh I'm not picking sides or anything but K shouldn't have done this or that. Ummm thought you weren't picking sides. So we ended up getting into a huge fight and not speaking for months.

Of course my mom was involved in all this too. But refused to listen to my side of the story. Not that its any big surprise.

So to wrap it up. I am now talking to my older sis but have issues with trusting her. I mean she tried to convince me K was cheating on me cause she was mad. My mom and I don't talk about my little sis. If she comes up I change the subject. My little brother and I haven't been the same since the fight. We talk but not like we use to. Its his loss.

Will I ever forgive my younger sis? Probably not, and its not even involving my family. Its the fact that she hurt K.
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Sep 25, 2012