I Sometimes Squirt And Others Gush

When I was younger it was always a great geyser; very strong and powerful. When I let go; it happened with force. Gushing I think is when it shoots pretty far and hard right? I am now more of a squirter than a gusher then, I would like to learn how to control the intensity and frequency of it personally. My guy loves when I squirt but would like it even more if it shot with force and if I could control it, It is quite messy but I just keep towels on bed.
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

so very erotic. your guy is very lucky to have you.

I gush. I think gushing is without force. Say you get hurt and are "gushing blood". It's not like nicking a vein and blood is squirting out. It just seeps profusely. I guess. I wish I could squirt. There isn't enough when I gush for it to soak a towel, but enough to get his pelvis and my legs pretty wet and sticky.

very erotic as well, and your guy is lucky to have you even if you think the amount you gush is not enough. :)