Why I Don't Support Ron Paul

basically, because he whines.  I don't think it is a flattering trait.  I think he comes off to me as a whacky smart guy.  Not your typical Texan, I could see him in New Mexico chasing UFO's.  He's not a bad guy, and I think he would be really interesting guy I would like to sit down and have coffee with.  His supporters however, that's another story.  They are hacking other campaign websites, gumming up the works on fundraising days.  I don't have a problem with their poll pushing, heck everybody is supporting their guy in the online polls.  But, they are generally making him look whackier and bad. 
woodpest woodpest 36-40, F 2 Responses Dec 21, 2007

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Watch RP in any debate and listen to what he is saying. Truly listen. You may find him a little on the wacky side, but he actually makes sense. He wants the government out of Americans lives. Do you need to be told how much to save? How about what is acceptable on TV? Maybe you don't know what foods are good for you. The government controls all of this and more. Free market would decide if the Government wasn't there. You need to be the one who takes responsibility for you and your children. Save for your own retirement. Don't let your children watch violent shows. Don't allow your children to eat poor quality foods. You know whats right for you and your family, why do you look to the government to do it for you? The Government should be setting and enforcing immigration laws. Protecting its citizens on a international level and the other 16 enumerated powers. THATS IT. You have to be responsible for the rest of your existence.

i agree with minglewood