When Is It My Turn?

Ok, so here goes. I'm pretty good at giving people advise. I don't give it to them unless they ask for it.
I'm a good listener, and take my time with my answers. I have (or had) three friends that have turned their life around after our chats.
Here's the problem. Once people have turned their lives around, they just move on and live the rest of their lives happily ever after without me.
There is a certain amount of satisfaction in that, but just once I'd like some reciprocation. These "friends" don't talk to me anymore, as they have their lives to live now.. and that makes me sad. I'd think after helping them out they would want to remain my friends, and perhaps offer some words to help me with my situation. But that just does not happen. They just fall in love, or find the job of their dreams, and no longer have time for me.
I just can't build myself up to make the necessary changes in my life... I need outside help and encouragement, as they did.
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

almost is rite

I would like to encourage you. If you know that certain changes are necessary - what is stopping you from making them? Are you scared, nervous, or uncertain? I am a very good listener as well, so hit me up sometime if you want to just talk. Oh, and congratulations on giving out such good advice, even if it wasn't reciprocated ~ there's still a little thing called karma that you have to look forward to!