I never take myself too seriously because I make far too many mistakes.  If I took myself or my surroundings too seriously then I would go crazy.

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7 Responses Mar 22, 2009

That is so true gentlemen.

maybe ya just laff more at your own mistakes as you get older ... or recognize them better ... so you can realize how silly they are! If I took everything I am involved with to seriously I think I would just be paralyzed! and unable to do anything! fortunately i can take a step back and just kind of laff!

I think I took too many things too seriously and some not enough for a long time. I've finally learned to go easy on a lot of stuff now. No sense in letting everything get you all stressed out.

Hey it provides me with hours of entertainment at least. Like when my friends wife gets mad at him i get be in the background making my noises. Ooooooo she said what?! you got told man! someone is whipped...

LOL Ok I will.

It is alright though. Us men have learned to live with a womenz craziness. So go crazy as much as you want.