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Too much for me to write at the moment.  I'll do it someother time.  I don't really want to start feeling done about it again. (even though it happens quite a lot)  I'll proberbly add a lot about it in the blog that I am thinking about writing this afternoon.  (it's 10.41am here in Oz (Australia))


As chilldren we didn't get along very well.  Always fighting about something.  Anyways the last straw came when I really needed them.  In May 2005, I kicked out my partner.  (domestic violence).  The place that I was renting was $Aus240 per week.  Nothing flash but we were then living in a popular area (Burleigh Waters).  In September 2005, I just couldn't cope anymore.  Cope with paying that amount of rent while being on a single mothers pension.  Cope with it only being me looking after my kids (he didn't even take them weekends or just for a couple of hours).  Cope with the addiction that I had had with valium.  I had to move  but where to.  Oh also, the car that I was starting to pay off, broke down, my computer which I was earning some extra money on (ebay) broke down and food was running low.  Not one of my brothers or sisters would help me.  I had asked one of my sisters if we could stay in her garage until I found a place.  The answer was no.  I was really stressed...started to drink in front of my well as taking the valium..  I couldn't sleep also..........So with all that going on.....I (stupidly) (but it was the only thing that I could think of) called DOCS.  Dept of Child Safety.  I agreed for my kids to be under the guardinship of one of my sisters , her hubby and their kids, for a year.  As I really needed to sort myself out.  I didn't want to always be atticted and I'd wanted better for my kids  The sister that took them was the one who wouldn't let me stay in their garage but because money was involved they decided to take them.  I had to move into a crisses centre.  All the time that I was there (first stint) I'd only received one phone call from my mother saying that she is on my ex partners side.....  At that time I was also trying to get all the information to the dectectives who were working on the rape cases.    There is soooooooo much to this story.  I will finish this some other time.



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I'll try and write it now....Just for you :)

hahaha... this is like a teaser promo! I went and looked for the blog entry, but it's not there yet :P I guess you did say *probably*!