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First when I was seven and my brother not even one, my Mum finds out that he has been cheating on her, she tries not to let it affect the family too much but admits to herself it's older, I only know about all this now. He moves into a different bedroom as he has to find somewhere else to live. He left the house early every morning and returned late mostly after I was asleep, so we barely saw him which was one of the things my Mum didn't want to happen so is why she still let him live in the house, of course with an idiot of man like that obviously wouldn't happen. After my a couple of months Mum finally has enough of him still arguing with her and asks him to move out. he moves out straight away not even breaking the news to me, who was a very confused seven year old. He then doesn't make any effort to see me or my little brother for around six months, so we had no contact. After this time he takes my Mum to court and takes out a long custody battle against her accusing her of being a bad mother, yeah bloody right. He of course doesn't win and only get two hours after school one day and every after weekend. Although I felt this was way too much because I did not want to go. During the time he ignored us he had been on dating websites and dates and had started to see a woman. I had no idea this was happening. It wasn't great, my parents couldn't even look at each other, having to go to my Grandma's every drop off or pick up. He then invited his new girlfriend to my brothers birthday party and told me she was a neighbor. My Mum then had to break the news to me that she was in fact his new girlfriend and soon after that he moved in with her over an hour away from where I lived. He then went on to say I would be selfish to want to continue with my clubs and social events in my home town when I was with him basically because he didn't care or couldn't be bothered. He go married and had another child. During the pregnancy he said I will still love you more than the new baby and obviously if its a girl and she asks me who I love more I will have to tell her it's her but I'll be lying. Yeah right I thought. This went on for years before I became ill with an eating disorder. When I was first diagnosed I would have daily phone calls from him telling me that he wouldn't accept me and I was a bad example to his family. I was then told my him I was not allowed to see my siblings until 'I sorted myself out', charming. He then went to being his obnoxious self and came to a few of my first treatment sessions pretending to be the perfect supporting Dad but I knew the truth and so did my Mum. One afternoon my eating disorder took control and me and my Mum, who was always there for me, had a meltdown. After months of it already my Mum had finally had enough and needed a break. My Grandma came round while my Mum went out. My Mum came back a few hours later and was ready to try and help me through it again. Although when she was out she had called him. Down he came, shouting at me, by which point I was curled on the chair,eyes shut, hysterical and scratching a massive gash in my arm. My Mum was starting to get through to me before he turned up. Straight away he was on the phone calling the ambulance, which he had been told not to do by my doctor, as me and My Mum had prepared an emergency plan which we were in the process of. Little did I know he had also phoned the police as well. Yep he wanted me arrested for being ill. The ambulance staff tried to calm me down and the decision was made to take me to the local hospital, which was fair enough. But being the ill fool I was I kicked up a huge fuss about going, I was terrified, I couldn't even think. My 'father' then told the police to tell me what they were going to do if I didn't go. I was told that if I didn't go to the hospital voluntarily, they would have to handcuff me and take me. I was in hospital for four days and during that time, mum din't leave my side, there with me through every battle. However in the hospital I was told my 'father' that he would of been a lot happier if I had gone with the police and how ashamed he was of me, like it was my fault I was seriously ill. It took me two year to recover, and any contact I had with him was him acting as he had the whole way through. After my recovery he decided that it would be acceptable for me to be part of his life again. I surprisingly chose not to and ever since he hasn't let it lie. Making fake social networking accounts to send me horrible messages over and then deleting so I had no proof. Phoning my house phone until I answer, which I try not to. The worst bit is I can't do anything about it, can't take him to court because he has removed any evidence and only said hurtful things when other people weren't around. That is why I do not speak to my 'father' and will never, ever, ever again.
kaitz97 kaitz97
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012