Is He Really Worth It?

my mum left my biological dad when i was around 1 year old and my sister was a new born. He visited once after this bringing gifts of a full sized guitar for me ( i was 3) and make up for my 2 year old sister. He was utterly clueless. In the following years he had 3 more children with 3 other women and adopted a child older than me, way to make me feel wanted! He has never ever paid money, worth receiving to my mum, he lies saying he has no job but has around 10 pets, 3 vehicles etc. he pays 80p per week for each of us, while most pay around £180, and still moan they don't receive enough. He got in touch last year via. facebook, after leaving mhy mum in lots of debt i resented him anyway, but i met him just to see what he was like, he slagged off my grandma and i was back to hating him again, since then i've received £20 off of him, really makes up for the last 17 years doesn't it. I really wish he'd just stay out of my life, mums boyfriend nis my dad now but i'm scared my biological dad will ruin everything! I'm luckier than people without dads, i know, i feel for you all, i honestly do, but i've got so much resentment built up inside, i know where i'm not wanted.
loppawoppa loppawoppa
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013