The Door Is Transparent.

I wonder why every time we see each other and pass one another in the house, we feel like complete strangers walking on the street without a purpose;

i wonder why every time we talk, there is no substance or actual context to the words we speak as if the conversation bared no meaning for it to be existed;

i wonder why every time we spend time together, the distance between us grows further apart and barrier thickens and our efforts draw weak;

i wonder why every time you open your mind and speak freely, it offends all my sensibilities and i look right back at your like a complete stranger in my house.

the door between stood there since as long as i can remember, we see each other as if there's nothing between, that there is no separation between the two but there will always be something that lingers in our minds and heart that we were never close;

the door, it stands between us and why i ask everyday i knock harder and harder when i was younger, you didn't listen;

the door, i broke through and my fists bleed from the splinters and shattered glass but you stood there and didn't talk words i could manage to listen;

the door is the truth that there's still much between us but there's little time to heal what is already broken.
dmi93 dmi93
18-21, M
Jan 17, 2013