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Sorry this is going to be long. My father was abusive to my sister my mom and me to the point my mom got a divorce. I was 4. When I was 5 he called us and told me and my sister that he doesn't love us and will not see us anymore. Well I'm 19 now. He tried to talk to my sister a couple weeks ago on Facebook. She didn't reply. I was wondering if he tries to talk to me should I talk to him. Also I feel like I was rejected when he hadn't even tried to talk to me just my sister. I was mad and jealous of her even though I know it's not her fault.how can I get rid of the feeling of being rejected.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I pretty much agree habatur here, especially when it comes to blocking him. That is if he chooses to contact you. If he doesn't contact you consider yourself lucky because I really don't think you need that man if your life especially when had the audacity to tell you at the AGE OF FIVE (!) to say that he doesn't love you.

I have a fascination with dysfunctional family stories on this site at the moment and I'll say to you what I've commented on other stories: cut him off, give him up, and let him loose. Since he hasn't contacted you, that should be very easy to do.

I made the mistake of contacting my father...on Facebook too. We got along at first until I cut off him. He now sends me threatening e-mails everyday. Not to say that your father would do the same but...deadbeat estranged fathers are not worth the heartache. Really it's not.

Save yourself the trouble.

If you talk to him, tell him he is the most pathetic excuse for a human being alive on Earth and doing better is so easy for you that you don't even need him near you. Tell him he should commit suicide so you can laugh at his funeral.... then say, nevermind, I have more interesting things to do than give a **** about a ******, die in a fire.

Then block him.

The strategy behind that is simply to show him that he was and will always be insignificant to you and that its his own damn fault.

My situation is similar, though he never said he hated me. I have a child. Told him minor infos, ended with "you're a grandpa and you'll never get to enjoy it". Not a word from him since.