Haven't For About 3-5 Years I Think, Or No Wait.


The story is simple really, my mother and I moved miles away about 5 years ago. Since then I had no contact with him whatsoever. When I realized I wanted to , I tried but with no success. I remember I once called him in 08 and finally got through, he said he would call me back. He called back and i think he said how are ya, good . I gotta go ill call you. I never got a call back. I even asked his sister about his whereabout and how he's doing and such but nothing. I emailed him back in nov and got vague responses that varied from " i don't want to talk to any family" to "I dont want any contact, i am in a bad time of life" and to  i think it was "im fine how are you" very vague emails. Not much communication.

I then emailed a short one saying I loved him regardless and wanted to welcome him into my life and never got a response back. (this was all in nov)

And then it turned out that he had spoken to his sister and my niece , who live in canada btw as do i!, around christmas time. Sort of like a merry christmas call. I didn't get one, nor did i get an email.

I don't really know what the deal with him is, I mean i used to be curious to know you know? But now I just figure well, let bygones be bygones. It's not that I gave up on a relationship of some sort, Ill welcome him or any one at any time really! But I can't force him. 


That's all.

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Jeez! I do not have a father or mother who is alive but, my sister with whom I shared so much of my life has done something similar with me. I tried for ten years to get back in touch with her. I sent letters, phone calls, and e-mails and no response for ten years. We used to write letters two or three times a month. She finally responded to an e-mail where I asked her if I had killed her brother (meaning me). She sent back a response, "biology does not dictate friendship." I sent more emails asking her what I needed to do, what was the thing that I had done, you know, all the self-blame stuff. No answer. So I wrote a short email and simply said at the end of it what you told your father, that no matter what, I loved her. Three months later, she sent me four words: I love you too. I haven't heard from her since. She lives in Vancouver, if you're out that way. It is far from here in Wisconsin.<br />
Still, I like your steadfastness and your strength. Smiles!

One Day he will realize<br />
<br />
My dad is the same way