I Don't Want To Talk To My Mother

My mother is very cold with me she never told me that she love me or she is proud of me she have done many things to me when I was a child and even as a adult my father abandoned me and my two brother when I was 4 year old she got married later on from there was born my sister they were the family my mother always looked at me and brother as not part of it we were different to her growing up was very difficult but as I was getting older I wanted to forget all so I can be happy in life got married and have beautiful child which my mother is very cold to her too come on she's just a baby I just realized many things now I can't not trust her with anything all the wrong things she does to me she'll will make her self looking as she the victim and put all my family against to me I feel very lonely and sad I think she just hate me no matter what I do in life so I have decided that maybe is better if I don't talk to her it's not healthy for me it does hurt me very much.
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Jan 18, 2013