I'm Not Sure How Much Contact I Should Have !??

Basically growing up my mum was physically and mentally abusive ,always drinking among other things ...and dad ...well big drinker himself and never actually stood up and said ,"hey you don't do that to our daughter !"let it happen .so I have been out of home for almost ten years and beat an eating disorder,battled depression ....finally got my feet in place and found out who I am ...and how great I can be .about two years ago my younger brother got cancer ,it was bad for awhile but he was a fighter and got through itmy partner and i financially supported him and were constantly there to help out asy parents wanted to help but couldn't quite offer the help needed...they wanted to palm him off to our drug lord brother in between treatment !!they didn't speak to me as apparently I was trying to take over and be the parent !!!!things settled and my brother was going well .his gf moved up to help which was awsome .then dad got cancer .....I know .....crap timing and a lot at once !!!!guess it bought us closer .....dad hasn't been the same ,although he has beat it they both drink a lot still !!!and barely afford the medical bills ...but only so much I can do ,I try to be there for them but it's hard watching someone given a second chance drink it away .so my brother is going well health wise ...but I never see him .he has never visited me ..and I live an hour away ...he only ever calls when his girlfriend is put or away .....I admit I got upset when a month after his operation he went back to work to support them ....but she took almost a year to get a Job.i know it's hard ,I offered to help ...but she took it as if I didn't approve and didn't think she was trying .he told me she makes it hard for him to seee my partner and I .i just felt so sad they never made an effort after everything my partner and I did .and y would he only contact me when she wasn't around ,so I confronted them and he told me eventually to stay out of and not to contact him ...then of course mum got on my case and said how I'd ruined it and lost my brother .yet again I'm the worst person in her eyes .dad is just silent .i almost think the time has come for me to not so much cut contact ...but sit back and have time for me now .my close friends and partner wonder why I was so nice for so long .i just feel guilty given they were sick .but I cannot be the doormat and this is the first time I have ever. Stuck up for myself .i hope one day my brother will ce around .....but I'm not sure .am I going too far taking time out and just not bothering much ??.I let my guard down too long and now I feel so hurt that I just don't want to get back on that ride...ever again !
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One of the ten commandments were, 'Respect Thy mother and father'.

were....i mean is. but to an extent. Just live your own life and let the chips fall on the plate as it may

Hmmm no advice !!!!!?