I Miss Her. And I Hate Her. And I Miss Her.

I lost my brother last year to cancer. I lost my sister to greed on the last day of 2012.

Because I will not give her something that is not hers. Something that was specifically requested, by the person who gave it to me, to never put it in my brother in law's hands. The only way to do so is to never let my sister see it or have it.

Because of this, my brother in law has forbidden my sister to talk to me because I would not give into his demands. Yet, she's an adult. She doesn't have to abide by his rules, but she does.

So, now I've lost both my siblings within one year... One to death and one to greed.
Mezzaphorina Mezzaphorina
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1 Response Mar 2, 2013

You share here two very different things of your life : your "addiction" for ************ and your hurts from your brother's death and your sister's anger. Thank you for these deep parts of you.