I Try But I Cant Not....

 my elder sister has physically, emotionally abused me to the point where i do not love her. She is so selfish and i pray god to make her a better person. Yes she has ADD and OCD...but when we were growing up i though her as my big sister who would take care of me but even though she did then...you know teach me how to ride a bike etc...she's not he same person as she use to be. she's the type of person who would enter your room and cut your tv cord and throw the tv out the window (smashed into pieces) because you called her 'selfish'. She is narrow minded and blames me for everything. She calls me a ***** because im skinny...and she called me a ***** because she puts on weight ...she lies constantly...e.g oh she though i put a virus on the pc but i was at a friends place the night b4...she was fighting with me for an hour or more...then my other sister confessed it was her and not me. and she never apologises  for mistakes she has made. she has no friends and my dad and mum told me they dont like her. its all messed up. she screams like a man and wakes up the neighbours...i dont think i can talk to her again. and she even said i dont want you to invite me to your wedding coz you only want me to be jealous...and even hates my cousin coz he got married. also she hates me coz i have a job and she doesn't.

ive had dreams that she will kill me so ....i think when i start dating again i will not tell him i have another sister. im scared that she will hurt him like she hurts me. punching and all..

life feels so good without her in it. 

anixae87 anixae87
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1 Response Jan 17, 2010

i know the feeling. i stopped talking to my mother for 7 months because of **** like that. hopefully she realizes what she has done wrong and at least apologises