I Don't Even Know How To Say This

What I mean is, I always know what I'm trying to say. I really do. It's all lined up just right in my head, but when I try to turn it into words, it gets messed up. So I end up say something stupid, and then the person I'm talking to starts to think "Hey! This person I'm talking to is crazy/stupid!" and then they get to leave and I get to sit by myself thinking "Was I talking about 'Back to the Future' for twenty minutes? I was trying to ask her out...."
SomethingAwesome SomethingAwesome
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Ya man me too. But i'm trying right now, and i think its working a little because i'm pronounciating things better now, is try saying everything you read aloud. I feel now when i talk to people i'm not always making new sentences in my head instead bringing up sentences from things i've read. I dunno it seems to help me, maybe it could help you?