Socially Awkward

I have never been good at "small talk".  When you first meet someone or a group of people, I really don't like that polite chit chat that goes on about neutral topics like the weather and such.  If I am going to talk to someone, I would like it to be meaningful.  I am always looking to learn about other people and their views but I seem to only be able to do this around people that I am comfortable with.  I'm just not so good with the whole new people situations. 

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2 Responses Jul 30, 2007

i like your idea of using small talk as a means to determine if someone could be a friend. that has such a more positive tone to it then my previous view of small talk being a total time waster.

I understand where you're coming from. But people only start sharing their personal stories to people whom they trust. But the older one gets, the more willing one wants to confide in others. Small talk is probably hallow, a waste of time and hindering meaningful interactions, but it's a way of meeting people and deciding if they can be your friends.<br />
I'm also slow at warming up to people, probably many times delayed than the norm. But don't worry, friends won't pass you by. If you're meant to be friends with certain people, you'll meet them in the most unlikely places.=)