This Isnt Me!

when I open my mouth in public, stutters come out

when a group talks to me, I'm accidentally rude.

I here the question, "why are you so quiet?" everywhere I go.

I get so quiet for so long in public, I have to clear my throat before saying something, when I do say something.

When I smile... "Oh a smile!"

When I talk... "omg talking!"

When I laugh..."wow an actual laugh!"

people think I'm rude, bitchy, cranky and shy... but really, Im not that way. Does anyone think that poeple MAKE you this way more by pointing it out?

ohjustme8 ohjustme8
3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

yes all the time. Just be thankful that you're not in high school, where all the teachers think you're crazy and tell your parents, who send you to a shrink just because you're awkward, shy, nervous, or just too brilliant to deal with other people's ****...;)

I get that alot. :(<br />
The ignoring thing, i guess they they think we have nothing interesting to say so they dont bother listening anymore.<br />
Man its frustrating.<br />
I wish i could start again with a different personality.

oh yeah, and why does it seem like when I actually DO talk to someone..... THEY DONT LISTEN to me, or look at me....and I look stupid!