Mostly On the Phone!

It's the oddest thing! When I get on the phone, I'm silent! Dead silence too, a person can't even hear me breathing. lol. XD

When I had a "best friend", it was the same thing... though, she wasn't really my friend of any kind. Her grandmother (who she lived with) and my mother were very close friends for many years. So, her and I were place together in the "friend" boat, insistent of my mother and her grandmother. I was always a great friend to her, but she wasn't so much towards me and mainly used me. But, that's a who different EP story. =p

Anyhoo, I would call her on the phone, to ask details of a movie or event we were to go to. I hated it! I hardly said much and couldn't wait to get the phone away from me. I must rather leave the house, walk around the corner, and knock on her door and talk with her. But she insisted on phone calls. :-/

When my best pal, Philip, called me on the phone, I was not myself. Too quiet and not my usual chatty and bubbly self. Though I enjoy hearing his voice and his jokes, holding the phone is awkward to me... and he had mentioned that I sounded like I was way across the room! That's because I don't hold the phone too close to me! :-o

And I always seem to have an hearing problem on the phone too! I said, "HUH?" many times to Sharon, when she asking about the snow in my city. She was speaking plain english, but my brain just couldn't catch it on the phone! I hope she doesn't think I was being rude. And she handed the phone back to Philip, but I wanted to say it was nice talking with her... but I waited too late and Philip got half of that sentence! LOL! My timing is always off on the phone too. Crap! :-/

As for non-phone issues... in person, I rarely go up to a person and start talking first. I usually wait for a person to talk to me first, because I am afraid of bothering someone. Online and on webcam, I'm much more open and friendly. And in person with friends, I am the same too, goofy and relaxed! :-)


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Mar 4, 2009