Intelligence Riddle

Q. What do you call the medical student that graduates at the top of his class?

A. Doctor.

Q. What do you call the medical student that graduates at the bottom of his class?

A. Doctor.

With that being said, it isn't about one's education, how many degrees he or she has, it is about the mind, logic and creativity one has and uses that makes one intelligent.

While I was in medical school there were all kinds of people trying to become doctors.  Some did and some didn't.  At times, I wonder of those that didn't make it would have been better doctors than those that did.  Medical school is really tough!  I'm glad I made it through but even in private practice I sometimes come across doctors and think, hmm, there are some out there that really aren't that intelligent.
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Exhibit A for the defense of this position:

-- Attorneys!

REALLY scary when the incompetent have your life in their hands...

Well said. I am still amazed at how many people in my industry (geology) that have advanced degrees are "dumber than a box of rocks."

I'm only beginning to really know this now (in my early thirties). I am the least educated of my siblings - due to undiagnosed difficulties. & apparently (according to my brother) thought by all to be far & away the most intelligent. That does make me skip with joy I'll admit. I used to be so hard on myself because I wasn't like them. But he says they wish they could see the world the way I do :)

But you are far more advanced in your artistic ability than others. Embrace your gifts, they were given to you for a reason.

I think for some college educates the common sense right out of them.

I can and has for some people.