What Matters Is Why And What?

so theres a lot of debate going on over the past decade questioning the credibility of college huh right? as per to my reserch for the past 4 years more than 70% of students are unhappy with the way things are going. they enter into college with lots of hope but the reality is that they are biting the bullet. 
so i will come straight to point. YES college is necessary but only if it enables the adventurous sailor within you. if it is aiming only for enabing the students to punch some numbers on a paper that they think will decides the future of the student, then it is problem and its a waste of enrgy and resourses of the student.

atleast with some active exposure to the college les you know what the other fellow students mentality and if you can those vibes you will be good business person.
if you start comparing each and everything that u learnt from ur col with the outside world on how to apply it u will be intellectual.
if you are just for punching somde marks then u will be normal joe. i did ave to face huge criticism about my ways in initial stages but when they start to get it i got applause. in thew process i have to leave my grad to pursue my dreams. and from the xprnce i can say that everyone have to xprnce college not for puncing numbers but for something big. 
swordsman123 swordsman123
26-30, M
Mar 16, 2012