An Inspiring Person

For years (and I mean a good number) I worked with someone who had left school when he was 14 - I guess because he simply didn't have time for it. He has had a more profound impact on my life than anyone else, yet no A-levels (as we call them in my part of the world), no degree; no letters after his name. He chose to apply his intelligence more immediately because he always saw life as short and to be seized upon. He challenged me to act on the causes I believed in even if there wasn't some neat/salaried job to apply for.

In then end, after a gap of twenty years he went straight on to do a masters. I remain ambivalent on whether this was a positive move for him. It certainly made him some influential friends, but I wonder if it narrowed his mind.
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1 Response Aug 31, 2012

Some of us need the degrees and certification to get anywhere (my case anyway), but I think it's awesome when someone is able to just jump out into the world and do things their own way like that. How do you mean his mind might have been narrowed though?