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Here's the Clincher!

Three words. George. W. Bush.

Rob22make3 Rob22make3 41-45, M 6 Responses Oct 1, 2008

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You're absolutely right. You could add two more words "Wall Street." It might be slick to get rich quick, but it's definitely not smart!

LoL!! ... no, no, it isn't funny. It's sad. But yeah, its still hilarious.

Oh, so that´s where his NUKULAR comes from.


Yeah what the hell was Harvard and Yale thinking of when they let that numbskull in?

Hahaha! That guy always looks like he's been suddenly hit by a direct ray of sunlight whenever he's asked a mildly intelligent question.<br />
<br />
Notice how so many "Edumacated" people have such terrible personal lives. Too much nose in the books time and too little real life experience ;)