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How Important is a College Degree? Friday October 27, 2006 - Dawn Rosenberg McKay A college education costs a small fortune -- no no -- make that a large fortune. And what do you get in the end? A job just like everyone else has. Will you get paid any more money than your friend with only a high school diploma? Apparently the answer is a resounding yes. Robert Longley, the Guide to U.S. Government Info reports on new U.S. Census Bureau data that shows that "Americans age 18 and older with a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $51,554, while those with a high school diploma earned $28,645."

This shows that a college education pays, but is it for everyone? I strongly believe that everyone who can, should get a college education. Paying for college should not be an issue, whether that means applying for financial aid or scholarships or working your way through school. If one doesn't have the drive or desire to attend college, than solid training in a field that doesn't require a degree is a must. There are many career options for which you don't need a four-year college education.



Moral of the story... you may excel in certain things without a college education. But you better hope so because it wasn't very smart of you to bypass a degree. Additionally, with a higher income, you see why the saying "It takes money to make money." means more than paying for college (and all else it means). You are given better interest rates when you can stick a fancy acronym on the end of your signature which means you pay your home and credit cards off a lot faster and are granted a higher 401k match per year from your employer.

Original story:

First of all, how educated one is after college, is a matter of the college attended and the willingness to learn while there. People can cheat through college; a lot of students rely solely on their short term memories to get through, and many people have bullshit degrees like Art History or General Studies. What are you going to apply that to anyway? Education is easily obtained. If you want to know the same thing as a college student, go on amazon and get the book. You'll know everything they know. You just won't be tested on it. Also, students begin at community colleges where little is taught and the teachers test and grade so easily and lazily then transfer after the undergrad program and graduate two years later from a university. That isn't a four year college education, by any means. A bachelors is rather ordinary anyway; typically you can imagine someone as knowing their **** in a particular field after they get a masters which requires focused and grueling studies. I think hands-on work experience is much better than classroom knowledge. I've learned more through jobs related to my major than I do from textbooks.

I also disagree with common sense and intelligence having anything to do with one another. Perhaps that is a fact; I don't actually know. But having sense is something that comes natural; like wit or cleverness. I define 'intelligence' as acquired knowledge. And just because someone has a little more sense than the next person doesn't mean they know anything about the other persons intelligence.

I think a lot of people in lower positions also blindly believe their bosses know nothing because they may be told at work to do something that doesn't make any sense to them. But the boss is telling them to do something so it will coincide with a larger task. A task that is usually undisclosed to lower positions. Companies often lie and mislead their employees to run them in circles and distract them or hide from them bigger things so as not to scare or disclose certain information to their employees. Lower positions will often freak out over the normal fluctuation of a business so their attention is often directed to left field..... so they'll never suspect things going on in right field. Its a simple tactic and it works extremely well. This is why you'll often find people bitching about how stupid they think the company their with is and how they think they know so much better than their college educated employers; because they ...blindly... think their bosses think they know better because of the education. Well, certain things are learned in college that you won't learn anywhere else. Which is why the most successful people are the ones who learned business both in a classroom and a conference room, simultaneously. You go to college to be untaught everything you had been taught at work. And you go to work to be untaught everything you learned in college. It's combining and applying all the knowledge together that leads to high power positions.




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lol. dolls always creeped me out. i buy my kids the really cheap ones from the dollar store. they manage to destroy them in just a couple weeks. then i put them at the bottom of the toy box.

I had a set of baby dolls my Granny had given me that were anatomically correct. My friends were so impressed.... hahaha!!<br />
<br />
They were beautiful dolls actually; plastic but they looked just like real babies. I wish I would've held on to them actually. But I got into taking my dolls apart and putting them back together and not many survived without literally, lost, limbs.

oh, i love hungry hungry hippos. i play it with my know what, we need a 4th pla<x>yer :)

Yeah 80s games where the best. Connect Four, Battleship, Mouse Trap, Hungry Hungry Hippos!... I could go on.

well i still buy my kids dolls and barbies, but i draw the line at any toy that talks, eats, and *****....thats too real for me!<br />
<br />
men in black men, its still funny

I was thinking about kids toys today actually. I saw this video of commercials for 80s toys... and they were so fun. They required so much imagination. They were just things meant to provoke playing or something simple that would keep your kid in the yard for awhile. Todays toys are really superficial and just training kids to consume, consume, consume.<br />
<br />
My kids are getting board games, leggos, some sidewalk chalk, and a bike. They'll just have to be outcasts or something.

No Anti... I try not remember that horrible 5 miniutes. (It was men in black men 2, btw)

i've never noticed anything good on tv while my kids are watching cartoons...its all about toys, toys, toys...every commercial is some new product...i hate it. every five minutes or so i hear my daughter say, 'i want that'. i've actually limited her tv, not because of the shows, but because of the commercials<br />
<br />
remember silver, its a blast of love from a might want to get your mind out of that gutter....remember men in black

Yes, it was about nature!! Every episode ended with an announcement (warning sort of) about problems with the planet and what we can do to help our planet. <br />
<br />
This was around the time of "Recycle, Reduse, Reuse" announcements appearing on Saturday morning, as well forest fire prevention. Do they still have these campaigns directed at kids? I didn't catch it until I was older but I think its brilliant. Infuse the kids minds with eco-logic. Better future, here we come. Unless the New World Order doesn't let our kids have tv; guess we'll see.

Can you imagine being at a bar and talking to your buddy.<br />
<br />
"Yeah I was about to get away with the loot... and then out of no where... a blast of love hit me!" <br />
<br />
.... a blast of love.... wow I just went into the gutter... nevermind.


Great.... I'd hate to be the guy who got his *** kicked by "love"

he got heart because there isnt a fifth element, right?

Wait that show was about nature?<br />
<br />
Ok why did they give the mexican kid... "heart"? <br />
<br />
Everyone else got cool stuff like Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth....

To be more in touch with nature. C'mon now!

Oh hell no you didnt! The theme song was so cheezy... and why was Gaia always half naked?

Are you kidding? I think we should bring Captain Planet back! I love a man with a mission and green hair.

I cant believe you just brought up the planeteers.... oh that was a brutal time for young american children. <BR><BR>Take off Transformers... and replace it with Captain Planet...

We should get rings like the Planeteers, engraved with 'spelling for a strunger phuture'.

Bad Spellers of the World... UNTIE!!!

Not in my experience. I don't doubt she's a 'doll'; however, I've seen my share of negative tyrrading. Although, it has been awhile. Maybe you lightened up, anti. :)

You wanna see a great e-mail... this is from one of the engineers that works for me...<BR><BR>"Sorry it took so long, I know it dose not look like much but it kicked my ***, I can add the pictures I want after it was been proof read so we dont have a huge filw because of the pics. "<BR><BR>Can you believe this guy has a BSME.... lol!

Rad I think it was a harmless comment. No worries, anti is a doll.

i did read your story.....i just thought the spelling error was funny...geesh

ha! No joke. My work e-mails consist of either abbreviations, numbers, and "Okay?". Or "I'll look into it. Thanks."

Yeah if I was to get a job based on my ability to type and spell... I'd be living in a box under a bridge...<br />
<br />
luckily there is only one way to spell 3.... 3.

Good spelling actually has nothing to do with intelligence, by fact. Einstein couldn't spell for ****.<BR><BR>Also, please only comment on my stories after reading them as I provided my definition of 'intelligence'. Thank you.<br />
<br />
Silver, I leave out whole words all the time!! I thought it was just me; I've always thought it was a strange thing to do. Just seems weird to overlook that.

LOL. I hear you Anti. I like to think Im a little smarter than the rest... but my combined and typing skills are far worse than hers. I have to like edit my posts 10 times so I dont come off as a dumb ***. I even left out whole words in my previous post.

what indicates intelligence? haha....i'm sorry, i just think its funny that you spelled definitely wrong in the title of your story.

I'm glad you agree with my story, silver01. :)

A college degree has nothing to do with intellegence but it if you survived and got your bachelors degree... it means you arent the same as the rest. <BR><BR>One of the coolest thing that has happened to me was when I was interviewing for a job, I met the president of the company.... we were introduced and the first question he asked is where I went to school. I said "The University of Texas." Immediately his response was... "thats all I need to know." We talked about this more over dinner. It wasnt that he assumed I was intelligent, but he knew the program and knew the school and realized that even though some kids might have no work experience... they have the intellectual skills to make competent decisions. Thats all it is. Your ability to make decisions. Memorizing equations, facts, and statistics are for people with nothing to do all day. The rest of us have real work to do.

I don't really think that means she lacks sense or intelligence; like you said, those things were always done for her.<br />
<br />
That is something I could never understand about some wealthy people. Do parents really not realize how much they deprive their kids when they never have them work for anything or force them to learn how to learn from their own mistakes? Its almost the exact OPPOSITE of parenting to pamper and spoil your children. Parents should teach value, morals, and then just offer a guiding hand and maybe some advice as their kids grow.... not just hand them everything on a silver platter. <br />
<br />
I have friends who are the same way; their families give them everything. They're 100% co-dependent and lack so much understanding about everyday life because they're so sheltered. What I really wonder about these friends are two things: will they ever be self-sufficient at all and more importantly, if they'll ever be able to find a suitable partner.<br />
<br />
I read a great quote the other day but can't remember it exactly: something like you should leave your kids enough money to do whatever they want but not enough to do nothing. I completely agree with that.

To paraphrase a quote from my father (He used to say 'going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a farm makes you a cow') -<br />
<br />
"Going to college doesn't make you (or prove you are) intelligent, any more than going to a farm..."<br />
<br />
In a world of drive-through restaurants, express lanes at the grocery, instant lottery, and one minute dates, everyone, including an employer, is looking for a quick and easy way to sift applicants for jobs and promotions.<br />
<br />
Many have settled on the screening technique of education. I agree completely with you, a sheepskin does not signify anything except the stick-to-it-iveness to get THROUGH those four years.<br />
<br />
And that is, actually, something. Employers are looking for workers who will COME to work reliably, and who will complete tasks assigned. Both a high school degree and a college degree imply an ability to do those things.<br />
<br />
At a seminar concerning successful techniques for screening applicants and hiring workers, I heard a speaker say, "Someone who dropped out of high school when MOST others were staying is not likely to come to work when MANY others are not."<br />
<br />
Rarely is there a universal truth, and that one, like most, has many exceptions. Employers are looking for a reason to believe in a new hire, and a history of finishing what was started is one of those reasons.