I am not college educated. But I am, in my own mind, intelligent without the education behind me. I educate myself with experiences and situations that are thrown at me. I thrive because I will not fail! Knowledge is more than the GPA you have in college or even high school. It is an acute awareness of many things around us and simply gained through our life experiences. I don't believe it is fair to dismiss that power of someones intelligence, all focused on where that knowledge happen to come from. It is a fantastic opportunity to be able to go to college and better ourselves. I too one day hope to do the same for myself......but while I wait for better opportunity and timing, I will continue to learn, process and use my mind to shape my world and the understanding of things around me, college education or not :-)

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Thanks!! <br />
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My opportunities may be changing so College is on the horizon even more now. <br />
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Wish me luck!!

High Five and You GO GIRL!!!~

In many ways, the best education you can get is from the University of Life, and it's the one school from which, if you're lucky, you never graduate.

What happens when you die?

Thanks so much for your words of intellect as well! I appreciate your observations truly :-)

You bring up a good point about continuing to learn despite being in a class or not. You can learn something from anything if you are open to it. <br />
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The part that gets me is that I rely more on communicating with others from my life experiences (relating to others on that level is so big for me, you know?) and people will throw their college education in my face...not knowing that I have an in depth college education too. Sounds like some people show their inability to accept other's knowledge outside of books. <br />
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It sucks when people wave their diplomas around and dismiss others. Because there's a lot to learn in the world. A lot more than just text books and graded tests too!<br />
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Your open mind is a great playground for all kinds of knowledge. That's truly wonderful! : D