Perfect Example of This...

In my case...a degree doesn't always mean maturity or one being responsible.

I was working in a preschool as a teacher's assistant. I went up for the position of teacher when the wonderful woman I was working with left for maturity leave. They passed me over for the position because they said I didn't have a college degree. (Which was not required!) Anyways...the teacher they put in the room with me did have a degree and she was a year older than me and was working as a aide. (We were both hired a week apart.)

Well once she took over as the teacher in the classroom I started noticing a bunch of things...such as during circle time (the time we teach the kids their letters, colors, shapes, words, calander and go over our lesson for that day.) She would wear sunglasses and just randomly point to the board. I soon learned she was coming into work hung over (from drinking til 3am the night before) and during her lunch break she was smoking pot and weed then coming back to the classroom. She also cursed in front of the kids, talked about her "sexual adventures" and getting high in front of them...but she figured because they were three there was no problem in talking about this stuff. On a daily basis we had 17 kids...up to 21 on some days. (Depended on full time or part time) She would also loose her temper easily and the way she would pick up the children if she was angry...left bruises on their arms...When I brought all this stuff up to our director and owner of the company I was told to mind my own buisness and forget about it. Well, she's still a teacher there and many parents have pulled their children out of the preschool once they get into her room. I left the preschool because I refused to work with someone like that. And she was supposed to love children and have two college degrees?! Whatever to that. People should wise up and realize...just because you have a degree it doesn't make you any better of a human being than someone without.


I would gladly go to college...ten times over....if I could afford it...but it doesn't make me dumb or less mature because I didn't go. I just hate how our system has to work like this....

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About the degree, best advice is to not cmpare yourself to your coworkers, keep to your work ethic, do your best job. If you have to make up for others do it. It may not happen in the time fr<x>ame you expect for yourself, but it will be noticed and you will be brought up in the ranks. Maybe not from the same employer but somone from outside who noticed. I started my work experience as a waitress. I was absolutely amazed at the salary I eventually attained in my later years, because maybe in my heart I always felt like that waitress without a university degree (have two jr college degrees now). My parents raised me to never discuss money, so I won't, but I was just short of six figures. I did my time, listened to advice from the elders in the workplace, addressed them as sir and mam, never compromised my work ethic, no matter who my team was. I know you can do it. It's in your heart. It's your destiny if you follow your heart. Believe in it.