How In the Hell Do People Have Ma's, Ms's, & Ph.d's & Hate Me?

Gosh! People better off than me treat me like trash because of my mental handicap. I have a BA in Spanish. The professors used to dodge me whenever I asked for help & didn't care if I failed. But it was a hard struggle, & I made it through.

Former foster family members have all these fancy cars, houses, & lots of $$, & treat me like I deserve do be dead. It CAN'T be jealousy! I don't know what it is, & even my good friend will tell you that I don't bother anyone.

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Well done for struggling on and completing your studies. It isn't easy, especially when, as you say, the lecturers/tutors don't seem have time for you.

I could not agree more. It does not matter on your education statis, you can have as much schooling as you want, and you can still not be intellegent. It is not all about education, most of of learning in life comes from our life experiences. I have lived allot of life at my age, and most of it is out of school learning. I am a very intellegent women, and have many degrees in different area's but I do not consider myself better than anyone else at all. My parent are much the same as what you mention in your story. The house the fancy cars, the cash etc...but my father only has his grade 10 and he made it! Mind you, there are so many people out there who are materialisic, which is unfortunate. They are the ones missing out on the most important things in life, Perhaps it is not jealousy, sometimes people are jealous because you are truly happy something that people need to have material things to be happy. You seem from your story that you want and need much more. I am the type of person that is rich, but within my heart.