I am really smart. I know more details about handy things than anyone else I know. I can write the most beautiful letter anyone has ever read. I can memorize a conversation verbatim. But I don't have a college degree. I don't even have an AA. And, really? I don't think I ever will.

You see, I am not good at math. And for some reason, the United States thinks that if you are not good at something, you should take more classes in it. No matter what. So while I dream of becomming an editor, I need some math classes to go with that. I think it's pointless.

So while I could probably work effectively for the government, or do some fortune 500 company some good, I will never have that chance. Because I'm not good at math.

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I'm the same way. I've accumulated about 3 years worth of university credits, but I don't have even an AA because I can't pass any of the math requirements.<br />
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It's frustrating because I was doing well in my major (English) and I can kick *** and take names when it comes to writing and editing.

I have two degrees (218 earned credits) with 2.4 gpa, i have a 128 IQ but can not do alabra to save my life...can add time/money/weights/distances but can not understand triginometry...Our school system focuses only on the regurgitation of information and not HOW people learn...

Sounds like leveling classes at least that is what I have heard them called. <br />
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There are other ways like danetty stated above. You can get to where you want with or without a degree.

It does if you test below the normal mathematical intelligence level.

Does a degree in jornalism or simular field require a lot of math?

I can only hope. And pray I don't fail.

i am the same way. i hate math. i think most people are like that, left or right brained, and then there are those few who are genius. you never know though, you might land yourself a great job making excellent money without a college degree. it has been done.