As a Matter of Fact, I'm Sure It Doesn't!

A college degree does not confer intelligence.  So many people confuse intelligence with education.  I have known brilliant people who never made it past the seventh grade.  And I certainly have known college graduates who were dumber than posts!

And as I college professor myself, I can say that while most of my colleagues are very intelligent, a few are educated far beyond the level of their intelligence!

EBunbury EBunbury
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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Does being a college professor automatically confir logical and intellectual acuteness?Would a person who has this faculty,have to hesitate when asked why democracy -which is a concept based on rule by a majority without contraints,or futher considerations - should be avoided as if it were the plague?Would such a person have to deliberate,when asked to prove that compulsory voting or anything else,is a lie and propaganda?

especially if you get your degree from UC Berkely.

I know. My college has engraved signs that are spelled wrong. For several years, the room next to my office was a "Storgage Room". And we had a classroom called the "Compooterized Classroom".