No Way!

Okay, what the **** is going on around here. I have been going through my own ******* personal hell lately, so I haven't been up to date about what the **** is going on here, but I see one of my dear good frineds make this group, and I totally ******* agree! Some of the groups really need to go, the ones about ******, and sharing your wife, and all that crap, there is NO reason why ALL the sexual groups should Leave! But some of them shoudl, the degradding ones, and the ones that are just ****** UP! But certainlly not ALL of them!
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

OK. So who decides which groups go and which groups can stay on at EP. To each his own I always say. If I come across a group I don't like, I just go on to another I do like. It's a simple thing to do.

I agree. There are some groups that should just go quite frankly, but people's sexual experiences are a part of people's life experiences.