Sexual Groups Can Be Helpful

A ban on all sexual groups would prevent individuals from sharing problems, seeking solutions, and learning about the sexual habits and fantasy’s of others. This knowledge helps people to made informed decisions. I can understand a stricter restriction being placed on adult themes. Maybe EP could provide a one time random question and answer test to weed out minors. Something that is timed, and questions like what is birth year allow only 10 seconds to respond, where are valley girls from, who is Sharon Stone, who was Bill Clinton's aid, how old were you on 9-11, can you vote, and etc.
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I agree

are they banned?

Agreed.<br />
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There are many adult groups on the web, EP can use whatever established protocol it needs to protect its butt, not to mention minors. If it were to choose, instead, to ban sexual content, I would certainly stop using the site.<br />
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Sexuality is a huge part of life, and a major concern for most adults, as is reflected in the number of threads dealing with some aspect of the subject.<br />
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If EP is to be useful in any way, as a tool for validation, personal insight, or understanding others, it needs to accept the entire panolply of life--certainly including human sexuality.<br />
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**** the Puritans, with their own pitchforks.