Might As Well Think Of Humans As One

If you think animals should be slaughtered for the sake of fashion or "sport", you probably don't have a pet, or dare I say a heart. We aren't living in the 1800's now where we have to shoot an animal to nourish ourselves. Being a vegetarian is a healthy, option these days. I am not going to deny that meat tastes good. Sometimes I even eat meat even though I shouldn't. It's a hard habit to break. But there's there's no reason to sneak up on a deer or bear etc. and feel proud of yourself for killing it before it saw you and ran away. Alot of times I feel that animals are superior to humans and enjoy their company more too. They don't judge you based on your religion or color. I live in the midwest and am able to stay warm without wearing fur. There is awesome faux fur and things like cotton and polyester(they don't scream and feel pain either.) I don't know why we can't leave our fellow creatures in peace instead of ripping them apart.

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I am not against eating meat. I do like it, but love my veggies also. But to slaughter them for the fur, or just for the sake of killing them because it is in season, no way!. And plants to have feelings. They will grow faster if you sing to them.

So so true. It is horrible and disheartening to see how little we care for the living planet and everything on it around us. Humans can be so cruel, I too often feel ashamed to be a part of humanity.

I tried to be vegetarian once and didn't work out... Then some people say plants have feelings... anyway, I try to eat less of the animals that get the rawer deals on farms or whatever... chickens for example and pigs....

If your instincts tell you to eat meat, why don't just go out there with a shotgun, kill it and eat it there and then, blood n all. Because you can't. You would die of salmonella because your biological system cannot cope with it. You have to go through the process of sanitising the meat so you avoid the bacteria that is naturally present in meat. So really you are not instincted to eat meat, ill give you a piece of fresh flesh and you are not going to eat it, it would be stupid to. <br />
So you say that your family were strict vegetarians and had cancer, do you think that is directly related to being a vegatarian? Were they smokers? Did they live in a polluted, industrialised environment because humans were never meant to breath in harmful fumes. Cancer is contracted by either flawed genetics or environmental factors, like you pointed out, cancer is not caused by one sole factor. So do you they had some flaw in their DNA because if they did, then it is not directly resulted from a vegetarian diet, it may well have been inevitable regardless. <br />
Look, I am not putting myself or any other vegetarian on a pedestal, so lets just clear that misunderstanding. I am proud that I am taking care of my body, after all its the only one I have. And as for vegetarianism being a new fad, well I can't hardly say I am a fad victim for I have a vegetarian long before it was cool, I am doing it for the right reasons. Well I wasted half a sentence putting a link up, wow. You wont go to it because you are closed minded and being quite frankly a little ignorant, I have listened and taken into account your opinion but it is not nearly logical enough, just very selfish and closedminded. Anyway take care.

Definitly. It is an excuse and some meaters will stop at nothing to defend their beliefs to eat animals whether they prooven wrong and when they are, they will usually just hit back saying,'well, if I want to eat meat I will so mind your own business', like you just mizzen, said lazy thinking, lazy argument.

same with me, bubblegum. I'm not a strident veggie by any means, goes against my 'live and let live' ethos, and I know it took me a long time to finally become veggie, but we can get the nutrients we need elsewhere. It's a lazy argument to say we are 'natural' carnivores.

The 'are we omnivore or carnivore' argument again. There is enough evidence to proove that we in fact herbivores. We actually have a choice but the reason we are able to digest meat is because in times of deprivation we had to kill for food and thus evolved but it is scientifically prooven that meat is bad for you, it is toxic, that is why we get heart desease, cancer etc from meat. I live very healthy being vegetarian, I'm not wasting way, I am a nice healthy size the recommended BMI for my height. Plants do not have the same receptor that mammals have and so do not feel pain. They do not have blood, muscles etc. <br />
These are physical/biological reasons that we are herbivore.<br />

Veggie food has improved immesurably in the last few years. It's not all nut cutlets any more!

I agree wholeheartedly. Ive been a veggie most of my life and meat might taste good but is it really worth an animals life dying just for a momentary satisfaction of our taste buds. There is so many tasty vegetarian options that are full of nutrients. I love cooking veggie, epecially stir fries. Another thing that I ask people is they can eat a dead animal but why can't they kill their pet dog and eat it?

Agree with every single word of your story.<br />
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I agree with you 100% I am a vegatarean right now. And have been for a year or so, and I feel fantastic. : )