Who's The Animal There...?

Hunting for sport is perhaps the most barbaric thing there is. In the wild, animals will kill for food, for a mate or even to defend their territory; but it's never so cold-blooded. the First Nations of North America used every piece of an animal they killed for something, and never killed more than they had to. The concept of sport-hunting is an old-world ideal. Just ask the English, with their fox hunts. I have an uncle who's an avid hunter, and even he's opposed to the idea of sport hunting. If as a society we've stated murder is illegal and reprehensible, what level of hypocrisy does the continued existence of sport hunting possess?
JackMann JackMann
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Hello JackMann. I was appalled by the recent disclosure on ABC TV, Australia of the fake, phoney and monstrous safari tourist industry set up in South Africa to allow gun happy d!ckheads the opportunity to shoot a rhinoceros or a lion in a fenced enclosure from which it can not possibly escape. How much courage does that take? Why not preserve the worlds dwindling wildlife and designate an area where the gunslingers can take potshots at each other, just like in the wild west? (YEEHAW). A gunslinger facing another !d!ot has at least a 50/50 chance of survival. A drugged and weakened animal in a fenced enclosure has NO CHANCE of survival. It is sick, disgusting and probably immoral even if the government of that country is powerless to stop it.

Jesus Christ

Not quite but almost! Thanks for the heart JackMann. Judging from the number of responses so far it looks like the business of barbarism is set to thrive.

No kidding... here's hoping people eventually gain some sense.