Does Anyone Really Give A Sh*t

I bet that if I were to die tonight truly no one would give a sh*t. This is wat would happen "hey where's Ashley? Oh wat am I saying I dnt give a ****" that exactly wat people would say/think. I mean I could just vanish and not one person would care, or even look for me. I know this is the truth. I could go around asking people if they would care if I died and I bet not one would say yes.
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Ashley, I really care about u. I love you to the extend and will never let u go.

Ashley I care, I really do care, id be devastated if you died, I love you so much! I dont know what id do without you. You mean so much to me. I'll always care about you Ashley.

:) thnx I know you care

Your welcome :) im glad you do


<3 :)

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I would care .....



Right now at this particular moment your life could actually suck so bad that nobody close to you is caring about you or your feelings. That is the reality of some situations. Do not feel like you are the only one. Many people (mysrlf included) have made it through this type of situation. Often it is compared to walking through a desert. When you are weary and exhausted, somehow find the strength to take just one more step in the right direction. Then find the strength to take one more step. Then take another step. It is very important to keep focused on your destination(destiny).

One day you will realize that things are changing and getting better. A person who will turn out to be an amazing friend will appear in your life. They will lend an ear, offer encouragement, and be there for you to lean on- hell-, they will carry you if they have to. You will realize one day that this person loves you dearly and this will make you feel warm and good.

More friends will begin to appear in your life, one at a time. You will look forward to achieving a goal and enjoy life!
Then one day you will meet somebody who is going through their own desert and you will share with them how you made it through your own desert and you will look at how wonderful your life has become and wonder how you ever felt so low that you wanted to die.

You will look into the eyes of your daughter as she smiles so sweetly and thank God that He helped bring you out of the desert. You will hold your husband tightly and realize how close you came to throwing this all away.

Hang in there Lilwolf!

God bless you,


Thank you :)