NOT a Singal Soliltary One

Only indifference

Only curiosity would be found at my death

Only tears of guilt

Only thoughts of how crazy i was probably a good riddens in there somewhere

And in life a resounding chorus of get lost, shut the **** up

Complain and be eaten cry and be ridiculed by those who think they have it all together

The truth you know- NO ONE cares

They barely notice you breathing why would they notice you not

You fade into the crowd they want rid of no matter what you do

No one cares if i live or die only that they don't have to hear about it or clean up the mess attend my funeral or hear a kind word spoken of me

No one cares that i live or die as long as they do not have to hear the sound of my voice or deal with my reality realize i was right and the hard working trying folks can get screwed to the point of no return

No one cares that i live or die and so death is better

tulick tulick
31-35, F
4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

You're older than I am and just realize that 99.9% Of people around you couldn't give two ***** about you?. Nah wake up this the real world welcome to it.

and it sucks

i know how you feel. seems like you took the words right out my mouth. i truly think im better off dead. only person that would really care is my mom. not worth being buried. i actually have it in my will not to bury or cremate me. just throw my body in the woods somewhere and call it a day. doubt any one would even notice or care. i feel invisible like people look through me. i am a nobody

eat pus