i don't care if someone had said something mean to u or if u are 'angry cuz ur going through a rough time'... Any type of abuse should never happen. whether it be physical, mental, verbal, or any other kind.

Some people have gone through enough in their lives, and do not deserve any more hurt. Everyone should be able to live through life without having to endure any type of abuse. But, unfortunately, some people are too screwed up to understand this.

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I was used everyway possible as a child and as an adult. I have 2 kids who don't live with me. They do know by my words and actions that I adore them. The feelings they have for me are mutual. I'm now in a relationship with a man that tells me and shows me that he adores me. I'm very blessed. God bless you. It's wonderful to have such a young person be so sensitive. My kids are sensitive too. I hope they be lik you when they get to be your age.

Yes, i've noticed that too unfortunately.

Yes, that's very true.

100% agree with ya.....maybe if those abusers were punished more severely there would be less of them.....after all, those who were abused have to live with hurt all their lives.

yay thank you

I agree.


Unfortunatley some people do things that are unimaginably bad. I think these people should hear the truth in any which way the victim desires.