Organized Crime

Gang initiations are what they want you to think.  But according to Interpol, most kitten robberies, though committed by gang members, are really being organised by The Mob.  If they can keep local law enforcement chasing after street gangs of young hoodlums, it keeps the pressure off them.


Stand Up For Kitteh Rights!  Don't let your kitteh's walk the streets alone...send a Doberman out with them.  Let your local law enforcement know that you consider robbery of kittens to be one of the top priorities.



EBunbury EBunbury
46-50, M
2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Yes in Vegas we used to have a place called the Kit Kat very sad indeed.

Very sad indeed...and the tones of kibble stolen annually ends up in Kenya as black market lion food...or so I hear!