Here Kitty Kitty ...

I like kittens .. and cats  ..... coudnt eat a whole one ........



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Iam thinking cream sauce ... mmm sounds puuuurrrfect

I understand they taste better moist

Nice with a bit seasoning ....

I hear they are pretty tastey...

Where your sense of adventure ... ;)

Well actually Pixel here in Scotland ....... we have a lot of Indian curry restaurants and well the food sometimes can be a bit .... well....... ruf ..ruf ruf ruf!<br />
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LOL!! I'm a dog person actually...ever try dog? ;-)

Hey thanks Lp ..... great recipes must try them this weekend <br />
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Chopped fine and minced, it goes great in a noodle casserole. Boiled makes nutritios gruel -- kind of like oat meal.Patiently fattened and aged, it becomes the best chat gras. tender Kittles is a quick snack too.