I Do Understand

sadness when its about someone we love and want to be ive been sad a lot of times anyone who is sad i will help you we will meet up ill solve your problems

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sorry sweetie, there's no way we can meet up as we live far away from each other but I could use some cheering up.<br />
<br />
6 months ago, between 1 & 2 weeks after my husband and I had our wedding reception, my very bestest friend took his life, he took a ton of pills and put a bag over his head and suffocated himself...I didn't find out about it until I got a message over facebook from one of his ex's saying that she'd heard this rumor and wanted to know the basic answers and I totally didn't believe her until my intuition kicked in and told me to check his father's status update and there it was, typed up and posted; I immediately called his father and was like OMG WTF HTF?!?!?!?!?! the only thing his dad said was that "David's coping skills were not what they should've been" and yeah, I still haven't recovered from all that and now I barricade myself up and cry all the damn time =*C

well remember 64 ill be glad to talk to you i will help you as well what state are you in so we can meet up

I feel sAD MOST OF THE TIME and offten do not understand why? I have been diagnosed as having PTSS.. I need people to talk too.