Im Just Not A Romantically Lovable Guy!!

im too nice, im too shy, im too quiet (in real life) and im lacking confidence!! oh, and im a loner too!!! lol!!! i mean, i have always had a lot of friends that have loved me, but as i say "only as a friend"!! i have never had a girlfriend before, and never been in a romantic relationship before, and i just cant see myself ever being involved in a romantic relationship with a woman, cos i guess im just not attractive to women in that kind of way!!! lol
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hey everyone goes through this. You will find a person who loves you for who you are and will love that nice quality in you. As for the loner part you are only one if you think you are. i promise you that you will find someone who will love you for who you are

I am just like you. Never really been in a relationship. It seems like im more of a chick repellent than a magnet. Always wonder what is wrong with me.....

i know the feeling dude!!!

I thought I was the only one! You guys still have some time, Im already over the hill

no, your not alone, and it wont be long until im over the hill too *babyboy2012*!! lol

i guess so!! lol hehe : )

you were wrong! :)

Naa oru girl ah true ah love panen but avaluku ava friends than romba mukiyum nu solra.. enna oru things ah kuda pakala how to solve my problem

Really cute comment

Yes thanks for the advice, I read this because I feel the same about myself so thanks again atpeacewitmyself :)

thanks for the advice *atpeacewithme*!!! it is very much appreciated!!

If you've decided it's better for you to lead a single life, that's fine. However, if you WANT to be in a relationship, I think that's within your reach. I believe anyone who wants to be in a relationship can find someone suitable for them. You might want to make a list of qualities or characteristics you would want in a partner. Don't take an attitude of "beggars can't be choosy" or "anything is better than nothing". Select, don't settle. Make sure these qualities are what YOU want, not what other people tell you to look for. Also, before you get too involved with any person, ask yourself: What's in this for me? Is this person a good choice for me? How will getting involved with this person affect my life? I don't mean to sound preachy; it just seems that many times, if someone is over 25 and has never been in a relationship, they end up settling for something that's not right for them because they are so glad that finally someone ( anyone) is interested in them. I don't want to see this happen to you, or anyone else for that matter.

good advice--but its either settle or be alone. Am I to wait till Im near death? If no one is attracted to me now, then why would they be later?