Always The Friend....

I have, and always will just be seen as the friend.....I don't think that I will ever be Loved more than just a friend, or be seen as a family member of some kind. I don't think anyone would ever fall in Love with me, and see me as more than just a friend, or more than just a "sis"
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4 Responses Sep 3, 2010

I have the same thoughts. I never imagined that there might be others who might share them. Seems we are in the same boat.

I bet if u look at those around u theres 1 who feels the same as u, and they wish u would love them. Don't tell urself u'll never find love cause u will. And when u do cheirish it and treat it with the upmost respect. Live 4 love and love will live 4 u..

I know exactly how you feel, except from a guy's perspective. Don't lose hope, I'm sure you'll find someone.

Sounds like you have a lot to rethink...Self defeating thought and ex<x> create your own opinions of you and what will be, ba<x>sed on the negatives that were and just might be...and you KNOW I do not mean this in a bad I won't try to rephrase this ..*lol*