It's Just Me

I hear people call me beautiful alot actually. Sure I don't pay these words any attention seeing that they all come from the mouths of old people who can barley see.

I hear that i'm funny alot, and when i'm really on a role, sometimes people invite me to hang out with them. You entertainment...and nothing more.

I hear that im really smart alot,not smart enough to get recognized for it. Back-story time!
I was up for most likley to succeed in my class, I thought I could pull it off and actually claim the title. This was the order of the names on the ballet, there was this really pretty, popular, well liked (even by me) cheerleader named Peyton,My friend K. whose super smart, and then me. I was at the bottom of the ballet. Long wait short I didnt make most likley to succeed [you can guess who did]
     I'm not surprised NOW that I didn't win. They were both outstanding students and I was I don't see why anyone would ever be attracted to me in any kind of way, especially in a roamatic way. I don't have much going for me at all. I'm not an A student, nor am i drop dead georgeous, or a super funny girl that's well liked by everyone.There isnt anything that I would consider likable about me at all. I'm not alot of things, i'm just me.
idontseebeautiful idontseebeautiful
1 Response Jul 22, 2012

you are just you and thats what makes you special. That sounds cheesy and over said but its true. And when it comes to love, its the little things about a person that matter most Someone isn't going to fall in love with you because you got A's all through school, they'll fall in love with you because of the way you talk, of how your mouth twitches when you smile, or how you eat your food, literally anything. you don't need to be someone that seems to stick out in some way whether its sense of humour, popularity or whatever, you just need to be a real person. eventually, if you keep your eyes and mind open, you'll find the right person. good luck :)