Lost Hope

I dated a girl for five years that I truly believed I loved, and maybe I did, but she convinced me she loved me. Turns out she had lied to me about everything about her and she had been cheating on me since the start. When I found out she had been cheating I didn't even break it off I tried to fix it then she dumped me. I used to be confident, but she made me realize I'm not attractive, not funny, not smart, not interesting, and am weird (something I used to think was good). It's been over a year and have not been able to get anyone to talk to me, or even return a smile. beginning to wonder if I even actually exist.
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18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Dude I feel your pain, but please don't feel this way. The harsh truth is that people cheat very often, but it only reflects poorly on them, not on the person they are cheating on. At 23, I have not even had anyone I considered a girlfriend yet, just a few flings here and there of max 2 or 3 months at a time. Every time I was betrayed and they went for another guy they were seeing in parallel. That stuff hurts, I know because I did care a lot about these girls. But it does not reflect poorly on me. I have a friend who was with his girl for nearly 8 years, when one day he came home to where they both lived and she was in bed with his now ex-best friend who was living in the flat downstairs for years. He was absolutely flattened but he's an awesome guy, attractive and fun, and a few months later he started dating this gorgeous blond, with which he has now been for 2 years. Another friend of mine had a girl for 3 years, and the same thing happened to him. He's one of the best people I know. A brilliant guy, highly educated and running his own business, employing about 50 people. He gets attention from girls left and right, but he's making the decision to stay single for now. My point is, whatever your relationship status, or what other people do to you: do not let it impact your confidence or self-esteem. It is never about you.

You do exist.The right person for you is out there.However,you have to love and accept you,because if you can't accept you why would anyone else right?When you are confident about you,it shows when you are around others and that attracts people to you..SO work on you and start enjoying being single and when you least expect it..someone special would show up..Give it time.